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What Deputies do !


A Message from the Founder

The vision of Deputize America is to create a community of people who wish to help others in need, and provide them with the communication tools necessary to respond both timely and effectively to requests for service, which may be life-threatening or something less important.   

American Deputies - Good Guys

Good guys in White Hats committed to help.  People often feel scared!  It could be on the road late at night, walking from the library to your dorm, in the workplace or at home alone at night.  American Deputies are close enough to take that fear away.

Helps your entire family!

Deputize America connects people committed to help, without hesitation, to family, friends and perfect strangers when help is needed.



Launch soon and we look forward to you joining the movement.


•Keep women and children safer

•Locate people in natural disasters

•Reduce crime

•Keep communities and schools safer

•Decrease response time in emergencies and non-emergencies

•Create jobs for millions of American Deputies


Deputize America