About Us

Born out of Sandy Hook

Deputize America was conceived in December 2012 after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 20 children died that day.

Shortly after the tragedy, President Obama gave a short speech from the Oval Office. Behind his desk were children that attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

His message …. “We, in this country, must do something to make our children safer.” I thought to myself, “What can the government do? Pass a new law that says … it’s really - really bad to shoot children?”

Laws do not make people safer when it comes to terrorist, criminals or violent crazy people.

Dedicated to a Safer Country!

I thought, “What would I do?” I’d Deputize millions of Americans who commit to protecting themselves and others. The truth is …. The first responders in a deadly force situation are the victims themselves. 

So here we are 6 years later. Are we safer? No. In fact, security for our families is the number one concern across the country. 

We thank the government and law enforcement for all they do. I’m certain we will never know the extent of their dedication or give them enough appreciation. 

Deputize America is about the American people. It is about taking back our responsibility for the outcomes of our own lives and families. “Americans looking out for other Americans!”  That’s what this is all about!  

Michael Carrigan, Founder


Our Team

Michael Carrigan


Robert Caltabiano

Executive Director

SAC Secret Service - Retired

Kim Jaggard

Director of Operations

Kevin Burgess

Marketing Director

Greg Stock

Art Director

Kelli Calabrese

Director of Community Relations

Harold Collum

Cyber Security Director

Mike Henricks

IT Director