Become an American Deputy

American Deputies receive alerts from Deputize America members who feel they are in danger.  Each American Deputy can determine the geographical radius within which they want to receive alerts.  If they accept an alert they are given the GPS coordinates of the member in danger and are guided to their location.


Who are American Deputies


American Deputies are men and women of all ages over 18 years of age who have passed a background check.  They come from all walks of life and are joined by their desire for a safer country and their commitment to be part of the solution.


Be over 18, pass a background check, commit to act when you can and you can be an American Deputy.

Features & Benefits

American Deputies take pride in knowing that they are making a difference in their community by volunteering to help others.

American Deputies can decide when they are “on” or “off” duty.  They can choose not to receive alerts at certain times.

When responding to an alert American Deputies can see other responders and their locations.

When responding to an alert the Deputies phone begins to record – creating a record of the event.

TASKING - Earning money


American Deputies, if they choose, can opt in to the tasking feature of the app. This gives them the ability to get paid for doing tasks for others. These tasks are non-emergency assistance like moving furniture or performing handyman services and more.  Similar to other tasking apps, people can hire you for a price and the entire transaction is handled through the app.